University Master's Degree in Social Policy and Community Action

Profession- and research-oriented training with an approach that is practical, multidisciplinary and tailored to the localities where community action and social policy are applied. 

Teaching staff Official Master's Degree in Social Policy and Community Action

UAB's Virtual Fair for Master's Degrees, Graduate Courses and PhD Programmes

Informative sessions with each programme's direction, from the 20th to the 24th of February. Registration is open!

Course coordinator

Technical coordinator:
Laura Capdevila (IGOP - UAB)

Master direction

Margarita León (IGOP - UAB)
Mariona Lladonosa (Faculty of Education Science - UdL)
Sandra Ezquerra (University of Vic - UVic)
Carme Montserrat (University of Girona - UdG)


Adelantado, José
Aguilar, Manuel
Barbero, Josep Manel
Blanco, Ismael
Brugué, Quim
De León, Margarita
Ezquerra, Sandra
Fitó, Ariadna
Gomà, Ricard
Lladonosa, Mariona
Martí, Joel
Monterde, Arnau
Montserrat, Carme
Morales, Ernesto
Pindado, Fernando
Román, Begoña
Subirats, Joan
Tejero, Elisabet
Vilà, Antoni
Other affiliated teaching staff