University Master's Degree in Pharmacology

It prepares for different labour starts in the sphere of the pharmacology or the access at PhD programme

General information

  • UAB University Master's Degree
  • Credits: 60
  • Beginning of the pre-enrolment period 12/01/2024
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  • Pre-registration period: Open
  • Places: 25
  • Price: €27.67 per credit (EU citizens and non-EU holding an EU residence permit). 2024/25 Academic year.
    €82 per credit (non-EU citizens who do not hold an EU residence permit). 2024/25 Academic year.

  • Language: Spanish (100%)
  • Mode: Classroom-based learning
  • Teaching centre: Faculty of Medicine

The master's degree in Pharmacology equips its students with the skills needed in preclinical and clinical drugs research and the application of this in drug therapy, so that they can join the profession or go on to doctoral studies.

Students will acquire both knowledge of the scientific, ethical and social fundamentals of pharmacology and practical skills and attitudes that will enable them to apply this knowledge to drug development and use.

Career options

The Master's Degree in Pharmacology of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona leads to three types of career options in Pharmacology:
a) Pre-clinical or clinical experimental pharmacology.
b) Management of research in pharmacology and its results.
c) Commercial Specialist.

These careers are pursued mainly in two sectors, each of which includes several of the above options:
- Business: in the pharmaceutical or biotechnological industry or in clinical research organisations (CRO) as a pre-clinical or clinical researcher, clinical trials supervisor, research manager (head of R+D+I projects, head of research subcontracting), commercial specialist (product director or drug project director).
- Administration: in regulatory agencies or healthcare administrations as an expert in drug registration and authorisation, research quality control, ethics committees, etc.

Yet another option is to take up Doctoral studies.

Work placements

Specific grants for this master's degree

At the UAB grants website you will find general information on financial aids, grants, and subsidies offered to the university community. The portal includes all aids offered by the UAB and by other institutions which may interest students.

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