Official master's degree in Neurosciences

The main objective of this official master's degree is to discover and understand the structure and functions of the nervous system from a clear, research-based perspective.

Enrolment Official Master's Degree in Neurosciences

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New master's degree students

General information for all Bioscience Faculty Master's Degrees:

If you haven't check it yet, take a look to the steps to follow in the enrolment procedure.

If you need more administrative information, you can send an email to (or to

Enrolment procedure for the academic year 2020/21:


It is recommended that students contact the coordinator of the master's degree before self-enrolment to resolve any doubts.

Consult the contact details of the coordination of each master's degree course.

Enrolment 2020/21:

Day and time:

The days scheduled for the self-enrollment are:

• Start of the connection, in stages: 23, 24, 27 and 28 July

• End date of the registration: August 2

You can check the exact day/time of the opening of the self-registration in this link

Students admitted in the resolution of the 3rd and last pre-registration period: the days foreseen for self-registration are between 21 and 23 September. You can consult the exact day/time of the self-enrolment opening on this link.


Access the application from by clicking on Self-registration for new students. You will need your NIU and password. See the Self-registration manual

Enrolment Form: CAT  ESP  ENG

Registered students must send the completed and signed registration form scanned to the Academic Administration (the coordinator's signature is not required):

For any doubt or inconvenience, you can contact us:

Academic Administration

Email: (or

Telephone: 93 581 37 12 from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m

Registration period opening hours:
 Monday to Thursday, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
August: closed
September: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. (tentative schedule).



If you are a new student, you need to bring the following:
  1. The registration-request form, duly completed and signed by person responsible for the coordination or tutorial of the master’s degree in question.
  2. An identity document that is valid at the time of registration:
    • For EU students, this means your original Spanish ID document; or your passport; or a document verifying your ID that indicates your NIE (foreign-resident ID number).
    • For non-EU students, this means both the original and a photocopy of your currently valid TIE (foreign-resident ID card). If you have not yet been issued with a TIE, please bring your passport and a photocopy of your TIE-request form. You will then have a maximum period of three months in which to present the full document.
  3. Bank details with the IBAN code of a bank branch located within the EU, Island, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino or Switzerland and, additionally, the BIC code if the branch is not located within Spain. Registration can be paid directly by credit or debit card, but in such a case payment must be made in a single instalment only. Students applying for a grant are required obligatorily to pay registration by direct debit. In the event of the UAB being required to return any part of any payment due to the awarding of a grant or for any other reason, students concerned must provide the academic management service (gestió acadèmica) their full bank details with the corresponding IBAN and BIC codes, where applicable.
  4. The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) direct-debit order form.
  5. The original and a photocopy of the degree certificate that gave direct access to the master’s degree or an official academic certificate accrediting that this said degree certificate is in the process of being issued.
  6. The original and a photocopy of the academic transcript that gave direct access to the master’s degree. This must indicate the number of academic years in which tutoring has been given, all subjects taken, the academic credits obtained and the grades awarded for each subject.
  7. A colour photograph for the new student’s UAB academic record. On formalising registration payment, students will receive the necessary information to obtain the UAB student card. At all events, no printed photograph should be submitted for the obtention of the student card. Students holding a valid UAB card are not required to renew this.
  8. If you are 28 or older and have not taken out the complementary insurance offered on registration, you must present the original and a photocopy of an insurance policy that covers medical care, accidents, and civil liability in Spain.
  9. If you are contemplating participation in an Erasmus exchange programme within Europe during this academic year, you must take out complementary mobility insurance.
  10. In the event that, for certain subjects or certain syllabuses, it is deemed necessary to take out complementary insurance, you will be informed of this during the registration process.
  11. Certain subjects involve contact with minors. In these cases, on the first day of collaboration with the centre or institution in which this subject is undertaken, a clearance certificate regarding offences of a sexual nature must be presented, accrediting the lack of any such offence. When registering in subjects with these requirements, the corresponding registration programme automatically informs students of this requirement. 
  12. The original and a photocopy of documentation accrediting applicability of non-payment or concessionary rates as indicated in current legislation, if applicable. Consult concessionary registration payments here.
  13. If you are eligible for Spanish family-card concessionary rates, please consult the Spanish or Catalan guidelines on registration.
  14. In the event of not being able to formalise registration in person, the student must authorise—in writing—another person to complete registration requirements in their place. This said written authorisation must contain the student’s personal details and signature. The person presenting the authorisation must also present the student’s original DNI or other identification document (NIE/TIE). If this is not possible, an officially validated photocopy of the DNI (or NIE/TIE), plus an additional photocopy of the ID document presented (DNI/NIE/TNI), may be submitted jointly with the signed authorisation.
  15. If the student holds a master’s degree awarded by a different university, the corresponding academic transcript and an officially validated copy of the degree certificate must be presented.
If you are accessing this master’s degree with a degree obtained from a foreign university, please bear the following in mind:

Documentation regarding the degree and the academic transcript issued by institutions within the European Union, by signatory countries of the Agreement on the European Economic Area and by Switzerland must be official and must have been issued by the competent authorities.

Documentation regarding the degree and the academic transcript issued by institutions from non-EU countries must be official, must have been issued by the competent authorities and must be legalised by diplomatic channels or, where appropriate, through the The Hague Convention apostille or the Andrés Bello Agreement.

Translation of documents issued by a foreign country

All documentation issued in Catalan, Spanish or English will be accepted. With regard to documentation issued in French, Italian or Portuguese, translation from these into one of the accepted languages may be processed through the UAB Language Service. The student concerned is responsible for requesting and paying for all such translation. In the case of all other languages, the student must attach the corresponding translation into Catalan, Spanish or English by a sworn translator, by any diplomatic or consular representation of Spain abroad, or by the diplomatic or consular representation in Spain of whose country the applicant is a national.

If you gave formalised registration in previous academic years:
  1. Please submit the registration-request form, duly completed and signed by person responsible for the coordination or tutorial of the master’s degree in question.
  2. For non-EU students, the original and a photocopy of their current TIE. If you have not yet been issued with a TIE, please bring your passport and a photocopy of your TIE-request form. You will then have a maximum period of three months in which to present the full document.
If you wish to formalise a part-time registration:

If you decide not to register for a whole academic year, you may register under a part-time scheme. Authorisation is automatic and no supporting documentation is required.



€46.11 per credit (EU citizens and non-EU holding a Spanish residence permit). 2020/21 Academic year.
€75 per credit (non-EU citizens who do not hold a Spanish residence permit). 2021/22 Academic year.