University Master's Degree in Neurosciences

The main objective of this university master's degree is to discover and understand the structure and functions of the nervous system from a clear, research-based perspective.

Content Official Master's Degree in Neurosciences

Master's dissertation

Coordination: Dr Vicente Martínez
The research project has three main parts:

  1. Laboratory work: this is usually done within a research group of the INc. This link provides a list of the Principal Investigatorswho may tutorize your work; there, you may find their research interests and some recent publications. This link lists other laboratories in the Barcelona area that have tutorized our students in past academic years, and that are willing to keep collaborating with us (researchers in Bellvitge or Hospital de Sant Pau, among others).
  2. Written report (Master Thesis)
  3. Public dissertation

Public dissertation
The research project will be presented in a public session to an evaluating committee of three experts in the field of neurosciences. The combined scientific expertise of the committee members, who will be appointed by the module coordinator, will cover the main research programs of the Institute of Neuroscience. Each student will have 10-12 min to center the question, lay the objectives, explain the results and put them in context, and present the conclusions. Afterwards, the committee will discuss the presentation with the student during an open period of time left to the discretion of the committee.

The student and the committee members may speak any of the official languages of the UAB: Catalan, Spanish, or English.

Presentations will be supported with slides, but movies or blackboard may also be used alone or in combination.

Evaluation criteria
Evaluation will be based primarily on the student’s ability to:

  • make hypotheses
  • design, carry out and interpret experiments that test the hypotheses
  • draw conclusions from such experiments, and
  • communicate the whole thing clearly,

obviously within a research group involved in neuroscience. In other words, the potential “scientific impact” of the work will not constitute a priority in terms of the final qualification.
Final scores will be based on the written report and the presentation and defense of the work.

Master’s thesis and research projects carried out