University Master's Degree in Tradumatics: Translation Technologies.

We train specialists in multilingual project management and experts in translation technologies

Content Official Master's Degree in Tradumatics: Translation Technologies.

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Master description

The master's degree is made up of seven modules. Students interested in a professional profile will take all modules except the optional research module (M6). Students interested in a research profile will take the optional research module (M6) plus 15 credits from among optional modules 3, 4 and 5.
  • M1: Automation of Translation (Compulsory, 6 ECTS)
  • M2: Localisation and TA (Compulsory, 15 ECTS)
  • M3: Pre-Production (Compulsory, 6 ECTS)
  • M4: Post-Production (Compulsory, 9 ECTS)
  • M5: Project Management (Compulsory, 9 ECTS)
  • M6: Research Methodology (Compulsory, 15 ECTS)
  • M7: Master's Dissertation (Compulsory, 15 ECTS)

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Teaching timetable


Study plan structure



Type Credits
Basic education 21
Compulsory 24
Master Thesis 15





Subject Credits Type
Localisation and AT 15 OB
Master's Degree Dissertation 15 OB
Translation Automation 6 OB
Post-production 9 OT
Pre-production 6 OT
Project Management 9 OT
Research Methodology 15 OT



OB: Compulsory
OT: Optional