University Master's Degree in Quality of Food of Animal Origin

The only master's degree in Spain to offer highly specialised training required to cover the demands of companies producing animal source foods 


Content Official Master's Degree in Quality of Food of Animal Origin


  • To describe the basic concepts and principles on which overall quality in the food industry is based, as well as the different levels of production that contribute to quality.
  • To identify the aspects and stages of the production of food of animal origin that determine the relevant quality parameters for a specific food.
  • To determine the most appropriate methods and tools for assessing quality and safety based on the purpose of the analysis, with the ultimate goal of ensuring food safety and organoleptic quality.
  • To identify the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that have the greatest impact on the agri-food sector.
  • To identify stereotypes and gender roles and their potential impact on professional practice.


  • To use appropriate sources of information that provide solutions to professional problems.
  • To express the results/conclusions of your work and the knowledge and arguments supporting these results/conclusions orally and in writing in a manner appropriate to the context and the special needs or characteristics of each recipient.
  • To design agri-food industry projects in accordance with the particular characteristics of each sector.
  • To manage projects within the framework of concepts such as quality and food safety.
  • To interpret data and information extracted from projects.
  • To demonstrate the ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • To apply the scientific method to conduct research and produce results in a particular area of expertise.


  • To apply the knowledge and skills acquired to ensure the quality and safety of food of animal origin.
  • To generate a comprehensive experimental process through analytical methodologies based on indicators for raw material and food quality.
  • Upon completion of the master’s programme, students will be able to formulate questions and hypotheses on new research challenges and demonstrate originality and a critical eye in their approach to and way of addressing the questions posed.
  • Upon completion of the master’s programme, students will be able to successfully undertake a research project on aspects of food quality.