Official Master's Degree in Analysis and Management of the Artistic Heritage

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Master description

This master's degree of 60 credits has no specialisations as its compulsory modules are clearly research-oriented and each optional module gives broad coverage of the professions of art historian or artistic heritage specialist.

Of the 60 credits 40 are compulsory, or which 9 are  practicum credits, 22 for analysis of the artistic heritage and 9 for the master's dissertation. In addition, there are 3 optional modules of 10 credits, of which 2 modules are to be taken.

The Study Plan is divided into 2 semesters (only one academic year).

Study plan structure

Type Credits
Compulsory 22
Optional 20
Master Thesis 9
External Practicum 9

Module Credits Type
Art, History and Thought 10 OB
Artistic Heritage: Paths for Study and Techniques for Analysis 12 OB
Master's Dissertation 9 OB
Work Experience 9 OB
Art and Commerce 10 OT*
Art Criticism and Diffusion 10 OT*
Conservation and Management of Artistic Heritage 10 OT*

* Optional, you must take 20 credits

OB: Compulsory
OT: Optional

Additional information about the study plan

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