University Master's Degree in Tradumatics: Translation Technologies.

We train specialists in multilingual project management and experts in translation technologies

Admission Official Master's Degree in Tradumatics: Translation Technologies.

UAB's Virtual Fair for Master's Degrees, Graduate Courses and PhD Programmes

Informative sessions with each programme's direction. From the 2nd to the 6th of October: Registration is open!

General calendar

From 13 January to 4 October 2023.
Each centre establishes its pre-registration periods within these dates, which may also vary.
Please check the master's degree admission dates in the specific section entitled “Teaching centre's admissions calendar".

Teaching centre's admissions calendar

Pre-enrollment period: from February 6 to September 8 2023.

Resolution periods:

  • Applications submitted from February 6 to May 19, will be resolved on May 29
  • Applications submitted from May 20 to June 28, will be resolved on July 10
  • Applications submitted from June 29 to September 8, will be resolved on September 18