Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Finances

Acquire the training and skills needed to specialise in the accounting and finances of an organisation, while at the same time mastering all other functional areas and receiving training in economics

General information

Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finances
The UAB Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and Finances
  • You are interested in becoming a professional capable of working in any organisation or business, especially in the areas of accounting and finances.
  • You are interested in developing direction skills for the management, organisation, and control of the accounting and financial departments, to take on the finances and organisational tasks in order to implement and improve the administration systems and processes.
  • You are interested in specialising in Accounting and Taxation, a specialisation which offers you the skills needed to manage the accounting of an organisation and take on auditing tasks.
  • You prefer finances and are interested in the Financial Consultancy specialisation, which will help you learn how to assess business investments and financial sources, discover the ins and outs of the stock market and capital market in general.
  • The degree also includes an attractive work placement programme, with many offering paid positions.
  • All of this is available to you at the UAB Faculty of Business and Economics, located at the Sabadell campus. The faculty also offers specific master's degrees.
  • This degree has a practical approach towards an effective entrance into the labour market. Studies in accounting and finance are commonly offered by the most prestigious universities.

Career options

Graduates in Accounting and Finance are equipped to work in any of the functional areas of an organisation (purchasing, production, logistics, quality, administration, human resources, sales, marketing, overall management of the business, coordinating the different areas, etc.).

However, this degree prepares specifically for activities in accounting and finance:
• Administrative, accounting and financial management of any department of an organisation, focusing on these tasks: controller, treasury management, risk analysis, generating and closing accounting reports, etc.
• Consultancy on finance, tax and accounting, either freelance or employed by others.
• Auditing of accounts, internally or externally, examining financial statements to determine their reliability.
• Management in financial institutions (banks, insurers).
• Advisors on investment and finance.

It also equips students with the skills needed to work as economists in public administration (local, autonomous region, state and EU levels), and other public organisations (hospitals, publicly-owned businesses, etc.).


Mobility programmes

Professional training


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