Study plan Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finances

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Title of qualification awarded

Diploma in Accounting and Finances


Mornings or afternoons

Study plan information

Table of credits for each course

  Basic training Compulsory Optional Bachelor's Degree Final Project
1st year 48 12    
2nd year 12 48    
3rd year   54 6  
4th year     48 12
Totals 60 114 54 12

Period of study

Four academic years divided into two semesters each.

Part-time or full-time

Full-time, with a part-time option available.


Basic training
Specialisation in Financial Consultancy
Specialisation in Accounting and Taxation

Basic and compulsory training

1st year 2nd year
Introduction to Economics
Mathematics I
Introduction to Accounting
Business Economics
Introduction to Law
Economic History
Mathematics II
International Economics (A)
Accounting and Finances I
Statistics I
Statistics II (A)
Spanish Economics
Marketing (A)
Methods of Financial Evaluation I
Financial Accounting II
Commercial Law
Finances I
Human Resource Management
3rd year 4th year
Cost Accounting
Finances II
Financial Statement Analysis
Strategic Management
Taxation I
Management Control
Operations Management
Bachelor's Degree Final Project
(A) Possibility of taking this subject in English.

Optional subjects

All subjects are worth 6 credits unless otherwise stated.
3rd and 4th years
History of Companies
Financial System
 Information Systems
Foreign Trade (*)
4th year
Work Placement (18 credits)

You may also choose optional subjects offered in the different specialisations.
In order to earn a specialisation you must complete a minimum of 30 credits belonging to that track.

Specialisation in Financial Consultancy Specialisation in Accounting and Taxation
Financial Consultancy and Planning
 Insurance Management
 Bank Management
 Marketing of Services and Intangibles
 Methods of Financial Evaluation II
Banking and Insurance Law
Pension Plans and Retirement Planning
Methods of Business Evaluation (*)
Fundamentals of Auditing
 Accounting of Societies and Accounting Regulations
 Accounting and Fiscality
Public Sector Accounting
Accounting and Finance Updates
 Consolidated Financial Reporting
 Labour Law
Taxation II
(*) These optional subjects will not be offered during this academic year.