Success stories from CITIUS Alumni

Throughout the 26 editions of the CITIUS programme, more than 1500 students have graduated and thanks to this training and the internship, they have started a successful professional career. In this webinar, three CITIUS alumni will explain how the dual education from the UAB's CITIUS master has helped them to enter into the labour market. 

November 25 2020 - 6:30 PM

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Abilities and skills before and after COVID

COVID-19 has brought important changes in the labor environment and companies have pondered about the abilities and skills that should be prioritizeed when hiring new people to their teams. 

October 28 2020


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Online training, a new learning model?

Thoughts on the new post-COVID 19 educational model. 

June 18 2020

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Marketing in times of crisis

During a crisis, is it the right time to increase or cut the budget?

April 28 2020

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