Disability and specific educational needs

Teaching staff

Teaching staff

The relationship with the teaching staff is fundamental for establishing and defining the necessary adaptations so that students with specific educational needs deriving from their disability can successfully achieve university-level studies.

PIUNE offers information and advice as well as materials and resources that are available to ensure that they can design their classes on the basis of accessibility to learning.

The main services we offer teaching staff are:

  • Information and advice on disabilities and the responsibility of the university, curricular adaptations, accessible methodologies, design of materials and classroom resources, adapted technology, etc.
  • Special training on questions of disability and/or specific educational needs according to the requirements of the teaching staff.

PIUNE offers these materials and resources to UAB teaching staff and the tutors of students with disabilities and/or specific educational needs which can help them to understand their students and attend them better.

See the PIUNE FAQs section to find out more about the service and clear up any doubts.