Disability and specific educational needs


Adapted transport

The UAB has an internal bus service but sometimes the stops are a long way from where you have to be, PIUNE offers students or future students with reduced mobility an adapted transport service which you can use to move around the Bellaterra campus of the UAB.

The PIUNE adapted transport service is a personalised service which will take you to the door of the Building you need to get to. There is no fixed itinerary, so you have to book your journey in advance.
If you need to use this service all you have to do is contact PIUNE to register and tell them your timetable: fas.piune.suport@uab.cat

Accompaniment to facilitate orientation on the campus

For students with orientation difficulties linked to sensory disabilities and/or some mobility problems, PIUNE offers an accompaniment service to support you as you walk around the campus.

PIUNE can make sure that your classroom is accessible with adequate lighting and adapted furniture according to your needs. If you require it we can also reserve you a seat in the front row.

We also coordinate classroom changes when the rooms are difficult to access or study in and reasonable improvements to your furniture and security during your normal working routes.

If you are a Student with a disability and you have decided to take part in one of the UAB Exchange programmes around the world it is important that you contact us as soon as possible.

We will coordinate with the foreign university that you have chosen and we will inform you of their philosophy and the services available to you there. Remember that these may be different to those offered at our university. If you know what you need and you know what is being offered we can plan and coordinate with the host university to ensure that you have the adaptations and measures that you need. That way we can minimise any problems that might occur after you have arrived at the host university.

Exchange programmes allow you to find out about life at other universities and complete your training. They are academic periods of varying lengths depending on the programme and the course you take there are recognised by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Many students with disabilities have taken part in these programmes successfully and their experience has been very positive.