Disability and specific educational needs

Academics and technology

PIUNE offers a pedagogical support service. After the first interview with the student, they will have regular meetings with a psychoeducationalist to decide together whether the adaptations and adjustments for facilitating academic progress area adequate and make improvements to the curricular pathway, optimising academic performance. 

We can also work with you to improve your learning and study skills and strategies.

Remember that if you think you need your exams to be adapted or other systems of assessment, you should contact PIUNE to find out which the most suitable adaptations are for your needs and give is the necessary information to be able to work out the best solution.

There are no existing academic standards for exam adaptation and other assessment systems. We work on an individual basis and propose the most reasonable adjustments for each students in collaboration with the teaching staff. For that reason the recommendations on adaptations you may require may not be immediate. It is therefore important that you contact us as early as possible.

These are the adaptations that are usually proposed in accordance with the specific needs of each student:
  • Additional time available
  • Replacement of a written exam by an oral exam or vice versa according to the disability.
  • Exam questionnaires available to the students according to their needs (enlargement of characters, transcription into Braille, sign language)
  • Human support (interpreters who know the subject, exam reader, exam writer)
  • Technical support materials (computer, text processors, special and accessible rooms).
  • Once the required adaptations have been established, you should inform us by email ten working days before the date of the exam if you need any of these services.

Request form for exam adaptations.

We offer specialist advice and training on the latest software and peripherals as well as other available resources which may help you to follow the classes and improve for access to information.

PIUNE can lend you resources so that you can try them before you obtain your own and it also offers access to the teaching resources used by teaching staff.

A resource in the libraries for people with a disability and/or specific educational needs 

At the end of 2006 PIUNE launched a project to offer students with physical disabilities or reduced mobility or with sensorial disabilities spaces with technical resources and accessible technologies to enable them to access information and work autonomously in the study rooms.

During the 2016-2017 academic year, we received support from the Board of Trustees to renew the equipment in the resource centre and the adapted booths.

It is important to mention that the number of students with some kind of recognised disability registered on the campus increases every year. In 10 years the figure has gone from 80 students to 370.

The adapted booths are located on the fourth floor of the Humanities Library and the Social Science Library. They provide a study space for students with disabilities and/or specific educational needs and are equipped with the most innovative technical resources (software – voice recognition programs and magnified text programs – and peripherals – adapted mouse and keyboard) for better access to information and communication.  

Linked to the renewal of the equipment we have also equipped the study booths in the libraries with specific software (ClaroRead) for students with learning difficulties, thereby giving access to a profile of student that is increasingly common in university classrooms.

We also offer 9  TV magnifiers to facilitate access to information by people with sight disabilities. These are distributed in the following libraries: Humanities Library, Science and Technology Library, Medicine Library, Veterinary Medicine Library, Social Sciences Library, Communication Library and General News Archive, Sabadell Campus Library, the Teaching unit of Germans Trias i Pujol Hospital and also that of the Vall d’Hebron Hospital.

To facilitate the support for people with disabilities and/or specific educational needs the PIUNE technical team offers training to library staff.

Protocol for access to the booths and control of use (Available in Catalan)

We can offer transcriptions of work linked to your studies in alternative formats:
  • Digitization of documents, to turn paper texts into electronic format.
  • Document recording, to turn paper documents into audio documents.
  • Conversion of documents into Braille (only documents for classroom use).
From the time we receive your request we need a period of 15 working days to change the format of your materials.