Create a Start-up

alumnes crean una nova empresa

Do you have an idea? Do you want to develop it? Do you want to check if it is feasible for society? Do you want to validate it and turn it into a sustainable business activity?


To answer these questions, the postgraduate course in English “New Business Creation” has been created at the UAB, which begins in early September 2021. With a duration of 6 months and a noon schedule, students will be led by tutors who will conduct their activities to the creation of business initiative. In small multi-profile groups, intensive work will lead them to a proposal that may be feasible to defend in front of potential investors.

With the initiative of Professors Sébastien Bauer and Dr. Gabriel Izard, both with extensive teaching experience, this postgraduate course was born in the Department of Business of the Faculty of Economics and Business and is hosted by the Graduate School after the approval of the academic affairs committee of the UAB at its March 3 meeting. It is aimed at students from all over the world, who have taken any specialization and who need to answer the above questions  and / or are interested in entrepreneurship.

You can find us on the graduate school website and at our website: