Ready to start online workshops for the most vulnerable infants

El croma retorna en format virtual

The socio-educational program CROMA 2.0 has adapted to health circumstances and changes classroom activities for online workshops.


The CROMA 2.0 program is transformed in order to continue performing its task. The commitment to accompany the most vulnerable children is maintained and every week there will be connections with infants of 5th and 6th grade of Elementary School who are in a situation of socioeconomic vulnerability and do not have a follow-up outside school hours.

A team of UAB students will offer them emotional and academic support and will encourage them to become researchers, participating in projects designed by UAB research teams. In this edition, for example, a pain detector will be created for patients who cannot communicate, thanks to the support of the Computer Vision Center (CVC) and the Research Center for Scientific and Mathematical Education (CRECIM); and through social cinema, there will be talk of walls, between countries and people, thanks to the Research Group in Didactics of Social Sciences (GREDICS).

It is expected that throughout the 20-21 academic year, more than 200 infants will participate in the program, out of a total of 16 schools in the municipalities of Cerdanyola del Valles, Montcada and Reixac, Rubí, Sabadell and Terrassa.

The participating schools are: Les Fontetes, Sant Martí, Serraparera, Turó de Guiera, El Turó, El Viver, Joan Montllor, Miquel Carreras, Sant Julià, Joan Marquès i Casals, Josep Ventalló, Ramón y Cajal, 25 de Setembre, Montessori, Pau Casals and Ramon Llull.

The program is currently looking for students who want to be part of the team and experience firsthand the experience of participating in a virtual volunteering. Interested persons can contact:

The CROMA 2.0 program receives support from the town councils of the participating municipalities, the Barcelona Provincial Council, the "La Caixa" Foundation, and the Secretary for Equality, Migration and Citizenship, of the Generalitat of Catalonia.