Heartfelt tribute to Arcadi Oliveres

Arcadi Oliveres, professor, activist and president of the FAS Advisory Council, and who is in a very delicate state of health, was presented with a collection of emotional and grateful writings in recognition of his teaching work and social commitment at the UAB.


Arcadi Oliveres, a lecturer for 36 years at the UAB, and an activist for global peace and justice, is currently in a very serious state of health. The FAS therefore felt that this was the right time to pay homage to him in the form of a series of writings by people that have shared part of his many years at the university.

In March of last year, the FAS had organised a tribute that was also planned to be the first of the events celebrating the Foundation’s 20th anniversary. However, it had to be postponed due to the health crisis. Arcadi Oliveres has been part of the FAS ever since he was a member of the Autonomous Solidarity Commission (its previous guise) and he was recently named honorary president of the FAS Advisory Council. As an expert on north-south relations, international trade, foreign debt and defence economics, Arcadi Oliveres has also collaborated with the Foundation through numerous lectures and training sessions on these topics.

The director of the Foundation, Jordi Prat, and its communication specialist, Carla Marimon, visited him at his home to deliver a document with contributions from everyone who would have participated in the tribute event, representatives of the Faculty of Economics and Business and the UAB board of governors, lecturers, friends, disciples, other members of the board, advisory council and the technical team at the FAS. The book also includes the lyrics of the songs that the UAB Choir planned to perform at the event and a small collection of pictures of him at the different events he has attended. Arcadi also made a point of dedicating to the FAS his most recently published book “Paraules d’Arcadi”, which was coincidentally released just a few days ago. Arcadi responded with heartfelt words of gratitude and described how happy he was to receive this gift. He let it be known that the companionship and displays of affection that he has been receiving are helping him to ease the burden of such hard times. Meanwhile, the Oliveres Künzi family has set up a virtual space https://missatges.arcadioliveres.cat/ for sharing moments and words with him.



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