Cursa UAB: participate in solidarity challenges for COVID-19

Vídeo promocional de la Cursa Solidaria de la UAB 2020, en suport a la Marató de TV3

A new edition of the Solidarity Race organized by the UAB, jointly with the Cerdañola del Vallés City Council, begins in support of La Marató de TV3 - dedicated this year to Covid-19 - and which is transformed to be safer.


The race that the UAB organizes each year is transformed due to the pandemic and has a new format to continue contributing to the cause of solidarity. With the collaboration of the Cerdanyola City Council, and the sponsorship of Applus+Laboratories, this 2020 the UAB solidarity race and walk is organized in support of the Marató de TV3, with a safer proposal in the face of Covid-19.

From December 7 to late February, it will be possible to participate in the 10 km race and walk, the 6 km race and walk, the 500 m race with reduced mobility, as well as challenges and modalities that each one considers, either individually or collectively. Through an application of the Amics de la UAB, each participant will choose their own career and little by little they will add kilometers of solidarity and donations. There will be many races in one: they can be done from anywhere - tailored to each participant - and collective and individual challenges can be set.

The Autonomous Solidarity Foundation, as one of the organizing entities, will manage a small volunteer team made up of students from the communication faculty that will be in charge of launching challenges and disseminating the activities of the participants through social networks in addition to encouraging more organizations of the territory to join the race.

The application can be downloaded on your mobile, or you can fill in the forms on the race website, where you can register the challenges, the solidarity kilometers traveled, training and doing the challenges. Donations from €1 can be made in the same application and on the race website. In addition, from the app and the web, photos and videos are collected to make a mosaic of all the participants.