Approval of the 2019 budget for FAS

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The FAS board approved the budget for 2019, which rises to more than €1.200.000, in a meeting that took place on 28 February.


The budget for this year, which will allow the Foundation to carry out all their activities on social action, volunteering, cooperation and education for global justice will be €1.208.501, 06.

On the one hand, all incomes will be distributed for the different fields in FAS with the following criterion: 28% for general functioning, 27% for social-educational programmes, 19% for the cooperation and education for global justice area, 15% for the Care Center for Disability and 11% for volunteering programmes. On the other hand, incomes are expected to come from UAB and the Board of Trustees (51%), from the Generalitat de Catalunya (18%), from local entities such as city halls, councils and comarcal councils (18%) and from private entities, personal donations and services (13%).

Jordi Prat presented a management report with complete information about the main activities and changes this year. Furthermore, following the strategic plan’s guidelines, an extension of the number of people in the Board was approved, as well as the creation of an Advisory Board, which will be formed of people close to FAS and in line with the vision to support and assess the different areas of work. Regarding the new chiefs, we find UAB’s PDI with previous connection to one of the FAS’ programmes: Albert Branchadell (Faculty of Translation and Interpreting), Glòria Estapé (Faculty of Economics and Business), Àngel Puyol (Faculty of Arts and Humanities) and Digna Couso (Faculty of Education).

Carlos Eliseo Sánchez, Sònia Hernández Tejada, Montserrat Balagueró, Francesc Xavier Such, Maria Rosa Català, Jordi Prat Fernández and Jose Luis Albertos attended the meeting.