Projecte CITEK

CITEK Project

Capitalization Initiative for the Innovation and Internationalization of the MED economic and knowledge system

The project aims at fostering the setting up of transnational and trans-local system of Innovation in the MED area capitalizing the guidelines, strategies, working methodology and web-based tools produced by financed MED projects (ICS, IKTIMED and R&D Industry), developing synergies with outputs and tools developed in the scope of project funded by other EU Programs and transferring knowledge and experiences to the IPA partner area.
The project was coordinated by Department of Internationalization, Culture, Tourism, Trade and Promotional Activities of Marche Region, and consortium included  UAB Research Park, Cecot Innovation Foundation; Instituto Pedro Nunes, portuguese association for innovation and development in science and technology; Regional Development Agency of Alentejo, Portugal; Oxalis Scop de Meythet, French cooperative of entrepreneurs; CNA Emilia Romagna de Bolonya, Italian Confederation of Crafts and SMEs; Zadar County, Croatia, and University of Maribor, Slovénie.
The activities of the project focused primarily on promoting smart specialization and open innovation communities and create tools for interregional cooperation.
  • Development of Smart Specialization Observatory.
  • Creation of a transnational platform innovation network based on knowledge and tools online community online business transnational.
  • Creation of a community of transnational companies.
  • Exploration and analysis of the potential for internationalization of the area of influence of the project.
  • Definition of a manual of indicators and criteria for monitoring the strategy of smart specialization.
From July 2013 to Desember 2014.
The project is funded by MED Program de la Unió Europea with 993.085 euros.