Office hours

Academic secretary and Vice-Dean for Institutional Relations:
Judit Fontcuberta
Office: K-0015
Tel. 93 586 8406
Office hours:

Vice-Dean for BA and post graduate studies:
Hesham Abu-Sharar
Tel. 93 586 8380

Office hours:

Coordinador for BA in Translation and Interpreting
Jordi Mas
Office: K-1021
Tel. 93 581 3380
Office hours:

Coordinador for BA in East Asian Studies
Blai Guarné
Tel. 93 5811275
Office hours:

Vice-Dean for Final degree project, Internships and Professionalisation:
Miquel Edo
Office hours:
Tel. 93 581 3664

Faculty Promotion and University Extension Coordinator
Anna Gil

Office: K-1022
Tel. 93 581 3372

Office hours:

Coordinator for the area of Interpreting
Marta Arumí
Office: K-1010
Tel. 935813368

Office hours: