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Policy Roundtable Co-designing an Inclusive Europe. Migrations and migrants in the EU: Changing narratives - modifying practices - influencing policies.

28 Feb 2022
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Migrations and migrants in the EU: Changing narratives - modifying practices - influencing policies.

Policy Roundtable Co-designing an Inclusive Europe

This Policy roundtable is based on findings from ten H2020 projects, two of which are partnered by the TransMedia Catalonia Research Group in the Department of Translation and Interpretation and East Asian Studies at UAB. Both projects TRACTION and SO CLOSE are funded by the European Commission and expand on themes of social integration and inclusion for minority groups, using innovative technology and co-creation to facilitate the sharing of cultures and stories.
Including migrants in the European Union has not been a uniform process and has revealed several obstacles in the path of making the inclusion and integration of people on the move efficient, humane, and dignified.

Logos TRACTION and SO CLOSE will join forces with eight other EU-funded projects to communicate the preliminary project results to high level decision-makers on the legal protection of refugees and migrants in the EU. Up for discussion are the economic, cultural and political impact of their presence on local, regional, or European constituencies; and innovative solutions for enhancing integration and cohesion, along with the role of domestic agents.

In this roundtable, we will bring together researchers, practitioners, journalists, and policymakers to discuss the potential of re-interpreting existing narratives, presenting good practices resulting from the ongoing projects, and influence political decision-making processes.

This event offers a rare opportunity to engage with researchers and practitioners from 34 countries including 21 EU countries, representing a total of 135 institutions.

Registration: https://inclusive-europe.com/registration

See the agenda: https://inclusive¿europe.com/agenda

Get insights into state-of the-art fieldwork and practices and learn about solutions that have been tested on the ground!