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CSI-COP project - Citizen Scientists Investigating Cookies and App GDPR compliance

CSI-COP is a European project that investigates through the collection of citizen data. The main objectives of the project are to raise public awareness of the personal data collected in the apps they have installed and the websites they visit, and to educate citizens about the rights protected by the European Union's (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In the medium term, the aim is for all citizens to know what personal data is collected when visiting websites and installing apps and what privacy rights the EU protects.

The project is aimed at the general public who use websites and have applications installed on different devices. People who want to participate in this project as citizen scientists have to do a short training (which can be certified for free), then they can do a short analysis of one or several websites or apps and, finally, if they wish, they can write a report on the observation made. In addition to this short self-training provided, the CSI-COP project is planning a series of presentations and workshops to be announced in the near future. By doing the training offered by the project, you can acquire skills about the data collected by cookies on websites, learn about tools to track websites and apps (both for iOS and Android) and know how to discern between places where our rights are respected, become aware of the data and the consent you are giving and, finally, gain an understanding of the rights that the EU GDPR protects.

The CSI-COP project has a website that gives access to self-training, as well as to a discussion forum on this training, to the newsletter and also to the project's blog. In addition to the knowledge acquired on an individual level, participating in the CSI-COP project contributes to the collective knowledge on the subject of cookies, to the general knowledge of the GDPR and to making it possible to propose legislative changes. If you want to participate in this European citizen science project and get started in the world of privacy/cookies, take the short course offered by the CSI-COP project!

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