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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
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INCENTIVE project - Establishing Citizen Science Hubs in European Research Performing and Funding Organisations to drive institutional change and ground Responsible Research and Innovation in society

The Institutional Projects Office is implementing the EU-funded project INCENTIVE, which aims to pilot a Citizen Science Hub at the University. Within the framework of this project, several reports have been developed that may be of use to people interested in implementing citizen science projects:

In addition, it has created a digital platform on citizen science with several functionalities: 

  • Community insider: An observatory of news, on-going activities and developments in Citizen Science and Public Engagement, that also presents perspectives and tendencies about the on-going public dialogue about topics of Citizen Science on X (former Twitter), with the aim of awareness raising.
  • Resource Library: An online library, available to all, to easily access resources on Citizen Sciences, which are useful and publicly available. The aim of this library is to promote the reuse of resources. 

It has organised webinars about diverse topics related to citizen science, that can be useful for people interested in implementing citizen science projects: 

Additional information

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