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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Department of Geography

Applied Geography

Applied Geography (AG) is a long-established group, which since 1994 all members have worked in collaboration. Joint activity is conducted under specific challenges and strategic objectives, with several complementary topics enhancing mutual strengths. structural topics: quality of life, biodiversity, sustainability and risks. AG is organized according to 3 research lines.

  1. Environmental dynamics in natural landscapes influenced by natural and human factors (human landscape on ecological systems, climate change). Topics addressed: biodiversity, sustainability/risk.
  2. Urban dynamics in high and medium density areas (allocation of services and green urban areas, impacts on cities -Big Data- and in urban interphase territories -wildland fires-, social economic activity and economic spaces). Topics addressed: quality of life and biodiversity.
  3. Structural systems dynamics relating population and sustainability (mobility, public spaces, health, ageing and infant population, natural ventilation, soil sealing and energy saving, noise). Topics addressed: quality of life, sustainability/risk.

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