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The professors and researchers attached to the Department of Geography carry out an extensive and intense research work linked to the very diverse fields that have space and territory as preferred or transversal areas of interest. Some of the lines of research that are followed in the Department have a long history and are often characterized by their innovative and leading character, both nationally and internationally, having achieved remarkable prestige and recognition. 
The major areas in which research interests and efforts are devoted are environmental and landscape studies, economic and applied geography, social geography, urban studies, methods and techniques, demographic and population studies, tourism studies, thought geographical. 
These research areas are developed through specific research groups, some of which are well-established and have institutional recognition (SGR) and international projection. Professors, researchers and research groups carry out their work through competitive projects of national and international scope as well as through agreements and arrangements with administrations, institutions, associations and other entities. All this in parallel with the remarkable research activity that is sometimes carried out individually. 
As a whole, the Department welcomes a large group of national and international visiting researchers and visiting professors, which contributes to increasing research quality.