Mitochondrial DNA of first Near Eastern farmers is sequenced for the first time

The genetic analysis of the samples suggest a maritime spread path in Neolithic Europe through Cyprus and Crete. The research, conducted with the participation of the UAB, has been published in PLOS Genetics. [+]

New call for twenty Banco Santander Ithaca grants

UAB opens a new call for Banco Santander Ithaca grants consisting of 500 Euros per month during the ten months of one academic year. Applications can be sent in from 2 June to 8 July. [+]

L'edició crítica de The critical edition of "Mujeres y criados" ready to be staged

Four months after being discovered, the work is now available to the public. The Prolope group has been in charge of producing the critical edition on paper and as an e-book. [+]

Bottom trawling causes deep-sea biological desertification

A study published in PNAS with UAB's participation warns about the ecological consequences and effects on ecosystem functioning and biodiversity of deep marine sedimentary environments. [+]

Film English receives media and education award

Created by Kieran Donaghy, lecturer of the UAB-Idiomes, the website received one of the MEDEA awards for the quality of its contents, which uses videos as a method to teach English. [+]

Matgas, Air Products' leading R&D centre worldwide

The laboratory, located on campus and including the participation of the UAB, will be directing the company's worldwide research into the application of gasses in the agro-food sector, the treatment of waters and the study for new uses for carbon dioxide. [+]

The UAB occupies 23rd position in the THE world ranking of young universities

According to the ranking published annually by the Time Higher Education (THE), the UAB is one of the top 100 universities of those founded less than 50 years ago. [+]

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