D-galactose affects ageing male and female brains differently

A research study by UAB and the ULL coordinated by researcher Lydia Giménez-Llort demonstrates in mice the biological relevance of sex in the effects of accelerated ageing caused by a chronic treatment of D-galactose, a sugar found abundantly in milk and to a lesser extent in fruits and vegetables. Read more

The UAB directs archaeological project in Egypt

The first archaeological project in Egypt to be fully directed from the UAB, under the guidance of Professor Joan Oller, finalised its first campaign of excavations. It was conducted under the "Sikait Project" and focused on an extensive site dating back to the Roman era. Read more

Bike to the UAB and win prizes

The UAB opens a new period in which members of the univeristy community can participate in the “Bike to the UAB” challenge. All kilometres biked by participants from 15 February to 15 March will be registered. Read more