Sant Jordi UAB 2014 The UAB to celebrate Sant Jordi with cultural and leisure activities

On 23 April the UAB will hold a series of cultural, literary, participative and solidarity activities for the university community in celebration of Saint George's Day. [+]

Microsoft co-founder invests 30 M Euros in Scytl

The electoral management company specialising in electronic votes and electoral technology was born in 2001 as one of the UAB's first spin-offs. It is currently present in 35 countries and has a total of 367 workers. [+]

Fifth Health and Sustainability Week Celebration of the central day of the UAB's Health and Sustainability Week

The Health and Sustainability Week at the UAB reaches its peak with a day full of activities. [+]

The UAB participates in the World Urban Forum of the UN

Researchers from the Department of Telecommunications and Engineering Systems will offer a session on simulation and citizen participation at the forum. [+]

Lead ammunition from Olympic competitions Experts Demand Lead Ammunition Be Replaced by Steel in Shooting Sports

Athletes use one thousand cartridges per week and scatter some 1.3 tonnes of lead yearly, with harmful effects for surrounding animals and agricultural land.  [+]

Record quantum entanglement of multiple dimensions

An international team of researchers, with participation from the UAB, has managed to create an entanglement of 103 dimensions with only two photons. The record had been established at 11 dimensions. [+]

University spin-offs more productive long-term than other technological companies

According to the study conducted by researchers of the UAB Department of Business, the reason could lie in the greater learning capacities of academic entrepreneurs. [+]

Level of English increases amongst UAB students

In the past four years the level of English of new students has grown steadily, according to the results in the exams taken by students before beginning their university studies. [+]

Maternal attention in infancy protects against adult stress

Researchers at the UAB Institute of Neuroscience worked with mice to see the long term effects caused by a mother's behaviour with her young. [+]

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