UAB Languages Barcelona

UAB Idiomes Barcelona

UAB Languages Barcelona is the language teaching center of the UAB in the city of Barcelona. Located on the fourth floor of Casa Convalescència, it offers a wide range of languages ​​and modalities.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, it provided language training to more than 2,600 people. Among its offer, the specific courses for Seniors stand out, with a very good reception from the beginning, which have made our center a pioneer in the field of language teaching to students over 50 years of age.

Apart from the courses for individuals, UAB Languages Barcelona has a service for companies and institutions, which provides training at the FUAB Formació School-Tourism and Hospitality Management, the Barcelona Port Authority and the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, among others.

Likewise, the center organizes annual conferences for professionals, TESOL Spain Regional Event and Laberintos 2, as well as calls for ACLES certification.

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