Internal regulations


The UAB Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) develops the policies aimed at reducing risks caused by biological agents to a minimum. It therefore oversees the planning, monitoring and inspection of preventive and protective measures to ensure adherence to current rules and regulations, whether internal or at the European, Spanish, Catalan or local level.

The functions of the IBC-UAB are laid out in article 3 of its internal regulations. In general, the IBC must evaluate and, where appropriate, approve any research or teaching project that involves:
- The use of recombinant DNA, including transgenic animals or plants.
- The use of human, animal or plant pathogens (bacteria, viruses, prions, etc.).
- The use of biotoxins.
- The administration of experimental biological products to animals.
- The voluntary release into the environment of genetically modified organisms or biological agents that are plant pests.