Documentation verification

The Academic Administration needs to verify the documentation attached to the pre-enrollment.

For this reason it is necessary to verify the diploma or the diploma with Secure Verification Code/QR.

Consulta cl@ve

Through this service you can consult the official Spanish university degrees you hold and generate authorization codes so that third parties can also consult them. 

Access as an interested party: you will access with Cl@ve, Electronic Identity for Administrations. 

Once you access the system you can download the secure verification code or authorize someone by downloading the pdf or via QR code.

Access the service

Carpeta ciudadana

What is Mi Carpeta Ciudadana?
Carpeta Ciudadana is an online personal space that facilitates your relationship with Satate Public Administrations.

How can I access Mi Carpeta Ciudadana?

Accessing Mi Carpeta Ciudadana requires you to be identified by Cl@ve, the secure identification system with State Public Administrations.  You can use the DNI-electronic, any recognized electronic certificate, and also the agreed key PIN and Permanent key systems.

Acces to Mi carpeta ciudadana