The tasks

The tasks undertaken by our graduates in both public and private organisations are:

  • Planning, design and implementation of risk prevention and security plans.
  • Risk evaluation, which involves the identification, analysis, description and assessment of risks affecting companies and organisations.
  • Risks evaluation taking into account the estimated risks and the criteria of the organisation, such as cost, legal requirements, quality and environmental and human factors. Establishment of the existence of risks and measurement of the level of risks that the organisation can or wants to assume in order to secure an adequate insurance policy.
  • Communication and information about questions related to their responsibilities. Security professionals have to be able to communicate and inform different levels of colleagues: management, so that they understand the risks and take the correct decisions; heads of department or area, so that they are aware of the risks and involved in their prevention in their own area of responsibility, and employees in general, so that they are aware of their individual responsibility.
  • Consultancy and assessment of how to tackle risks.
  • Financial management in their area of responsibility.
  • Design and application of prevention, security and health measures.
  • Auditing of regulations fulfilment and joint work with the internal and external auditors.
  • Training, skills-building and support for everyone working in the organisation in the area of risk prevention and security.
  • Team leadership.
  • Conflict mediation.
  • Awareness building and transfer in the area of risk prevention, security and risks.

The general and specific tasks depend on the professional sector and the level of the future graduate in the organisation.