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Check "Returning students' enrolment" for information on the online enrolment process: steps to follow and other information to make the process easier for you.

Click on your bachelor's degree (information in Catalan) and check your online enrolment schedule, as well as specific information about your degree.

If you have any questions during your enrolment you can call your teaching centre.

If you need to ask the question in person you can visit your faculty's Academic Administration Centre. Please check the teaching centres in which you must schedule an appointment beforehand.

List of bachelor's degrees of the Faculty of Education with pre-registration code and number of places available
Degree Pre-enrolment code Places
Early Childhood Education 21016 130
Early Childhood Education + Primary Education 21111 20
Education Studies 21052 75
Primary Education 21018 180
Primary Education - English 21102 75
Social Education 21019 credits 80