Preguntes freqüents sobre l'accés als màsters oficials

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about the admission process for official master's degrees.

You must first pre-enrol in the master's degree of your choice. This consists in filling out an online form in which you will need to attach the necessary documents and pay the pre-enrolment fee.
You can find all necessary information on how to fill out the form and attach the documents under the master's degree sections "Admission"/"Application for admission".

If you complete the pre-enrolment process, you will not receive a confirmation e-mail. But once you have filled out the online form, attached all necessary documents and paid the pre-enrolment fee, you will be able to download a pre-enrolment voucher.

You will receive an official notification by e-mail, together with the resolution, from the specific centre you pre-enrolled in.

You can check the state of your application through the same online application. Please check the sections "Admission"/"Notice of admission" on the master's degree website for more information.