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What is it?

We are a team of urban planners, geographers, engineers and computer scientists that aim to learn about urban mobility, public engagement and cycling through a citizen science platform that empowers urban cyclists with relevant travel information and supports cities in their transition to a low-carbon mobility future.  

We propose developing an intuitive crowdsourcing tool for cyclists that will allow them to document their cycling experience, inform mobility policy, and generate valuable data for researchers studying cycling policy, public engagement, and computer science. 

  • Coordinator institution: UAB 
  • Principal investigator: Jordi Honey-Rosés 
  • Duration: from May 2022 to November 2023  
  • Research area: mobility, smart cities 
  • Keywords: urban cyclists, bike movements 
Jordi Honey-Rosés

PhD of Philosophy. Urban and Regional Planning

ORCID: 0000-0003-0097-1811 

Gemma Simón Mas

PhD student

ORCID: 0000-0003-0202-4682 

Luca Liebscht

Master student 

  • University of Dublin

    Universitat de Dublín

    The team at the University of Dublin brings expertise in computer science, computer programming, crowdsourcing technology, digital communication and machine learning. This group will play an essential role in outlining the relevant software requirements for the development of the collaborative platform.

  • Aveiro University

    Universitat d'Aveiro

    The team at the Aveiro university will participate in the design of the collaborative platform, promote the use of the tool among relevant stakeholders, and lead at least one analytic paper with the data that emerges from the platform. 

  • University of Twente

    Universitat de Twente

    The team at the University of Twente will participate in the design of the collaborative platform and promote the use of the tool among relevant stakeholders. The team is also interested in supporting the tool developers.