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About the ECIU University

The ECIU University is an initiative of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities (ECIU) that creates a groundbreaking and innovative educational model on a European scale. Through the initiative, ECIU alliance builds the ECIU University with open and flexible system, an entire new concept of the European University for the future. 

The ultimate goal of the ECIU University project is to establish a true European University where learners, researchers, business, public organizations, citizens and associations are enabled to create relevant innovative solutions for real life challenges with real societal impact.

ECIU University is determined to change the way of delivering education from a model based exclusively on degrees, to one based in diverse opportunities of learning and acquiring skills and attitudes. It represents a unique example of a European University creating, testing and evaluating not only a learning model, but also a whole innovation system, steering all the university activities, from education to research, from administration and support to innovation and valorisation.

The ECIU University is an ambitious undertaking, with distinctive features that makes it unique:

  • Societal impact by solving societal challenges
  • Flexible, diverse and tailored education for students and for any person interested in learning
  • Development of challenge-based education  
  • Development of challenge-based research and innovation
  • Embedded mobility.