Europe 2020 Strategy (RIS3)


RIS3 - research and innovation smart specialisation strategy

Within the Europe Strategy 2020 Intelligent Specialisation (RIS3, research and innovation smart specialisation strategy) is defined agendas of economic change that should support the regions by investing in priorities and development needs based on knowledge.

The Generalitat de Catalunya presented the working document for the strategy for intelligent specialisation in Catalonia RIS3CAT in July 2013. The document covers the European and Catalan contexts and gives an accurate analysis of the present Catalan economy with its strengths and weaknesses and it establishes the proposal for intelligent specialisation in Catalonia, ECAT 2020, for 2014-2020, specifying a series of instruments to make it possible. The document forms the route map of the current Catalan government and articulates the strategies that will lead to a reactivation of the economy and a reorientation of the production sector towards a more intelligent economic model based on knowledge and innovation. The model is more sustainable with better use of resources and more integrating, creating jobs and strengthening social and regional cohesion.
When the UAB was awarded the title of Campus of International Excellence by the Ministry for Science it set out along the path that now forms part of the RIS3. in fact the proposal presented in the project had as one of its strengths a regional plan to consolidate the centres on the UAB campus with technology parks, companies and local councils to create a true hub of knowledge and innovation with special emphasis on specific areas of specialisation to act as a motor for socio-economic development. Despite not having achieved the levels of interrelationships that were hoped for among the different agents the UABCEI project did mend a major change in the vision of the university as a integrating and fundamental part of a regional strategy. This undoubtedly made it easier for the UAB to fit its future activities into the Strategy for Intelligent Specialisation in Catalonia 2014-2020 since it coincides with actions that were or are driven by the spirit of integrating strategies and aggregating the capacities that emerged from the UABCEI project.