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Frequently asked questions

Can I only choose one course per period?

In order to avoid any overlaps in the schedules, you can only enrol in one course per period. In total, you can enrol in up to 2 courses, one during the first period and another one during the second period. Students can validate up to 12 ECTS credits, 6 ECTS credits per course.


Is the number of students per class limited?

Yes, the number of students per class is limited. We highly recommend you to enrol as soon as the enrolment period is open in order to secure your spot in the course of your preference.


Is my spot in the course confirmed even if I have not proceed with the payment?

Your spot at our UAB Summer School courses will be only secure when we receive the payment. Once you have enrolled you will have the option to directly pay the fee or pay later. If you choose to pay later, please take into account that the payment should be done during the following 7 days by accessing this webpage and selecting “Payments pending by POS terminal”.


How will I be informed if the application is successful?

Once we receive the payment, we will send you an acceptance email with further details about the UAB Barcelona Summer School and the course that you have selected.


Requesting to change the course you have selected:

When you enrol at the UAB Barcelona Summer School 2023 you should select the course that you prefer to take during your stay at Barcelona. In the event you need to change the course for academic reasons only, you will have the possibility to change it during the first day of class from 12 PM CEST to 2 PM CEST by sending this request document at summer@uab.cat. This modification will be only carried out if the newly selected course has availability and if the reason of changing is motivated due to academic reasons. You will receive our decision by the beginning of the next day. Request form change subject (1st period) and request form change subject (2nd period).


Should I be enrolled in a University to get accepted?

UAB Barcelona Summer School comprises a training offer of undergraduate subjects in a range of fields which is open to undergraduate, graduate and PhD students. However, if you have a Bachelor Degree and you are not currently enrolled in an university, please contact us at summer@uab.cat.


Which is the required assistance to get the certificate?

It is mandatory to attend to a minimum of 80% of the classes in order to get the UAB Barcelona Summer School certificate.


Are online classes recorded?

Yes, we record the classes of online courses. Then, if you have a prior commitment, as an exam, that takes place during the hours of the UAB Barcelona Summer School course, you will be able to take the class afterwards. Please always inform the organization and professor in advance. We highly recommend to always participate on the initial class and to the individual sessions.


How does it works the refund policy?

The refund of the fee will occur only under circumstances that are out of the student's control, such as the rejection of the Visa and don't allow the student to participate in the course.


What happens if my course is cancelled?

Although very few courses are cancelled, UAB Barcelona Summer School reserves the right to cancel a course if it has not enrolled enough students. We will inform you weeks in advance about this situation and you will be able to modify your enrolment to another course or to ask for the refund of the course fee. Travelling and accommodation expenses will not be refunded.


Which documentation should I deliver during the enrolment process?

Please have the following documentation prepared for the enrolment process:

  • Your academic certificate of the current academic year
  • An ID photo
  • A copy of your passport, DNI or NIE

You can find the enrolment instructions here.


What is the Early Bird fee?

If you enrol before May 1st, you will benefit from a 20% discount from the UAB Barcelona Summer School regular fee which is 910 EUR.


Where are the courses taking place?

If your course is a presential course, the UAB Barcelona Summer School courses are held on the UAB Campus in Bellaterra (Cerdanyola del Vallès). The UAB Campus is a natural environment with the best services: sports, leisure, culture and accommodation and is 35’ from Barcelona’s city centre by train.


How do I prepare my trip to Barcelona?

Please check the “Health insurances and Visa” section. Regarding accommodation, we offer different options that can be found here.