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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
UAB Barcelona Summer School

Travel to Barcelona

  • Travelers register

    Travelers register

    It is recommended to enroll in the consular registry once in Barcelona. These consular registrations allows you to receive proper diplomatic protections in case of emergency, be it a natural catastrophe, a sanitary emergency, military conflict, a mere accident or a personal situation that may require a consular protection.

  • Health insurance

    Health insurance

    Every student, researcher and foreign teacher that plans on coming to a Catalan university must be covered by a health insurance. It is recommended to hire a health insurance that has a full covered plan in the case that you fall sick or have an accident during either the trip or your stay in Spain. You must also need to take into consideration the covering of any type of ousting.

  • Assistance in Catalonia

    Assistance in Catalonia

    In every other emergency situation within spanish borders you must call the 112; this phone provides a 24/7 free service. You could also call from the "My112" app that lets you have geo-localized calls. 

  • Assistance within the UAB

    Assistance within the UAB

    In case you find yourself in an emergency situation in the campus proper you need to call the Security Service phone (935811950). This phone is open 24/7 and they will take in every kind of emergency.

  • Health service within the UAB (SAS)

    Health service within the UAB (SAS)

    If you find yourself sick or having any type of medical emergency, you can go to the SAS in the UAB that supplies primary care to everyone who is either working, studying or visiting the campus. The SAS also offers mental health support as well as emergency aid in English.

  • The UAB against harassment

    The UAB against harassment

    The UAB has a protocol in order to halt and act against any kind of sexual harassment as well as race-hate, sexism, sexual orientation and gender presenting/ gender identity discrimination.

  • Weather forecast

    Weather forecast

    Depending on where you plan to travel you might find very diverse climatology. It is recommended to be up-to-date of every other possible condition you might encounter. The following links can aid in that regard: