Master's Degree in Applied Social Research Techniques (TISA)


Master's Degree in Applied Social Research Techniques (TISA)
The master's degree in Applied Social Research Techniques (TISA) is an inter-university initiative between the UAB and the UB, with the aim of establishing postgraduate studies specialising in advanced research techniques in social sciences, especially in sociology and political science, with an applied, professionally-oriented approach. This approach is adopted through collaboration with the Association of Political Scientists and Sociologists of Catalonia (COLPIS).

The programme's origins lie in the recognised need to complete or complement bachelor's degree studies in sociology and political science, as well as others, by providing training in the use of social research techniques in professional practice. Since the nineties, COLPIS has organised several editions of training courses within vocational and continuing education programmes. These courses brought to light a constant demand for training in applied research techniques within the social sciences, both from persons seeking to join the labour market and from those already employed in businesses or institutions that require broader, deeper or more up-to-date knowledge of social research techniques.

All this, together with a perceived lack of this type of training in Catalonia and Spain, led a group of lecturers attached to the Universitat AutÚnoma de Barcelona and the University of Barcelona to set up, in 2003, joint programmes at master's degree level.


- Offer a broad, complete and updated training, both theoretical and applied in the specialised are of research methods and techniques in social science for their use in social research and organisational and market studies.

- Offer more in-depth complementary training in relation to undergraduate courses of the different methodological perspectives of social research: whether oriented towards qualitative, quantitative or interventional research, or mixed methods; and fundamentally centred on the design, analysis and interpretation of data in the context of applied social studies and to satisfy the need for knowledge, planning and action of companies and institutions.

- Offer specialist training oriented towards entry in the labour market for graduates as well as CPD for employees and technicians in companies and institutions dedicated to applied social research.

Access requirements

This Master's degree is addressed to university graduates seeking to make a career in the field of social research or use the knowledge and tools that it provides in their present work. Therefore, it is specifically addressed to:

- Graduates/holders of pre-EHEA university diplomas wishing to extend or complete their applied social research training as a professional or applied orientation.

- Specialists and other professionals in businesses or institutions who wish to extend or refresh their applied social research skills so as to make use of them in their work context.

The programme is of greatest interest to those with a background in sociology or political science, but the multidisciplinary nature of research methods in social and human sciences means that it is also of interest to those coming from psychology, anthropology, economics, law, communication science, etc., seeking to widen their knowledge of research techniques.

Career opportunities

This training aims to be open and flexible, general, diverse and inter-disciplinary to cover a great variety of professional opportunities.

The following are among the professional profiles that match the specialized training offered by the TISA Master:

- Social science research analysts
- Human resources managers and analysts
- Marketing and telemarketing operators
- Local and regional development agents
- European project analysts
- Social consultants
- Political consultants
- General public administration analysts


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