Submitting projects for assessment

The OH-CEEA-UAB can assess projects that have previously been approved by the CEEA of the UAB or by any other animal experimentation committee.
There are two different procedures for requesting an OH-CEEA-UAB assessment.
Researchers from outside the UAB and the UAB Sphere research cluster
External researchers who want the OH-CEEA-UAB to assess their project as a designated body should request this in an email addressed to
The CEEAH office will then send them a form (OH001: Assessment Request) on which to provide all the necessary details, together with information on the requirements of the OH-CEEA-UAB.
The researchers complete and return Form OH001, attaching the project and its associated procedures in PDF format.
UAB and UAB Sphere researchers
UAB and UAB Sphere researchers request the assessment through the CEEA-UAB application, and they can choose whether they want the OH-CEEA-UAB to be the designated body that assesses their project (by attaching the request in an email addressed to
Single procedure for handling all requests
The OH-CEEA-UAB meets at least once a month and meeting agendas are finalised one week before each meeting. Decisions taken in meetings are recorded in the minutes, which are taken by the secretary of the OH-CEEA-UAB.

After each meeting, a report is issued on each of the projects that have been assessed, stating whether or not the project has been approved or whether information is needed from the researcher responsible. These reports are signed by the president and the secretary of the OH-CEEA-UAB.

If the project has been approved, the OH-CEEA-UAB reports the assessment results to the Generalitat. The Generalitat then sends the authorisation credential to the OH-CEEA-UAB, with a serial number and the period of validity for implementing the project.

If a retrospective evaluation is requested in the report, the report itself specifies what documents will be required of the researcher and when.

All documents associated with a project are kept on file for three years.

Manual Designated Body