The UAB, in its capacity as a public university, aims to educate citizens, generate knowledge, and transfer this to society. In accordance with its statutes, the UAB sets out to fulfil this task in compliance with current regulations, ethical standards established by international codes, and the principles of freedom, democracy, justice, equality and solidarity.
To help achieve these objectives, the UAB has an Research Ethics Committee (CERec), set up by the Governing Board on 20 October 1994, and charged with lending support to the scientific research performed at the UAB. This committee evaluates animal experimentation procedures (through the Ethics Committee on Animal Experimentation: CEEA) and procedures that involve experiments or research with humans, and it trains and advises research staff on the ethical dimension of their work. For example, the CERec was behind the ruling of the Governing Council on 30 January 2013 which approved the Code of Good Practice in Research: a set of recommendations to ensure rigour, honesty and responsibility in research carried out at the UAB.
The CEEAH has been a member of the Network of Ethics Committees in Universities and Public Research Centres in Spain (RCE)  from its beginnings.
The CEEAH meets once a month to evaluate research projects submitted through this application.