The UAB to celebrate its second edition of the “Four Minute Thesis” competition

The competition called for ten PhD students to explain their thesis by explaining their research topic in a maximum of four minutes. On 16 May the selected candidates will be able to give an oral presentation of their thesis, followed by an awards ceremony.


The competition will begin on 16 May at 10 a.m. at the Graduation Hall (Sala de graus) of the Doctoral and Graduate School. The event will consist in ten PhD students who will have a maximum of four minutes to defend their thesis. The presentations will be given in easily comprehended language and aimed at all publics.

A committee of researchers and members of the Permanent Board of the Doctoral School were in charge of selecting the ten proposals to be presented.

At the end of the event, a jury will award first prize (800 euros) and second prize (500 euros) to the top two thesis, and the public will be asked to vote for the one they liked best, who will be awarded 200 euros.

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