The UAB Solidarity Run already passes 1,500 entrants

Vídeo promocional de la Cursa Solidaria de la UAB 2019, en suport a la Marató de TV3
When only a few days remain before the UAB Solidarity Run, taking place on Sunday 15 December, the number of participants registered surpasses the 1,500 mark. This year all money raised will go towards research into rare diseases, the focus of this year's edition of the TV3 Marathon.


Thanks to all of the Solidarity Run participants in these past seven years, the UAB has been able to raise almost 100,000 euros for research into the different diseases the TV3 Marathon has focused on.

Over 1,500 people have signed up for the UAB Solidarity Run and only a few days are left before it takes place on Sunday, 15 December. The run, which is one of the events held for the TV3 Marathon, has been organised in collaboration with the Cerdanyola City Council and reaches its eighth edition this year.

In past editions, the solidarity run helped to raise a total of 96,000 euros for the TV3 Marathon, with an average participation in each edition of some 2,000 people. This year all donations will go towards research into rare diseases.

Three Races and One Walk
There will be three runs and one walk, all starting at 10:30 a.m. One of the races is 480 metres long and is for persons with reduced mobility; another race is 11.6 kilometres long and for the first time will pass through the centre of the town of Cerdanyola del Vallès (the exact itinerary can be viewed below); the third race is 6.5 kilometres long; and the walk, of the same distance, will go around the ALBA Light Synchrotron, and also pass in front of the Applus+ technological centre, which is also the main sponsor of the race.

Recovery sessions with students in Physiotherapy
The start and finish lines will be at the Vila Universitària and will include additional services such as physiotherapy sessions, a checkroom and beverages at the finish line. The free recovery sessions will be offered by UAB physiotherapy students after the races or walk.

Costume Competition
In order to make the solidarity run more colourful, all participants are invited to dress up in costumes, with prizes for the best disguises. The disguises can be individual or have a group theme (maximum 5 persons). Prizes will be given to the “most original and fun costume” and “best coordinated group costume”. Before beginning the races participants will be asked to pass by the Information Point and present their costumes to the jury.

Volunteers Needed
Apart from running or walking, members of the university community can also participate by volunteering in organisational and logistical tasks. That is why Fundació Autònoma Solidaria (FAS), coordinator of the volunteers, once again asks for students and members of the PAS and PDI to collaborate as volunteers.

Hospitals and Entities Fair
The hospital affiliated to the UAB and the solidarity entity Ixarop will also be collaborating with the race, and will offer musical performances and activities for the youngest participants. Additionally, coinciding with the race several associations will participate in the Entities Fair which will also be raising money for the study of rare diseases.

Rare Diseases
The UAB includes renowned research teams which investigate rare diseases. Of these diseases, affecting a maximum of 5 out of every 10,000 people, 7,000 have been described and it is calculated that some 300,000 to 400,000 people in Catalonia suffer from one of these diseases. There are different degrees of affectation although the majority tend to be severe, chronic, progressive and debilitating. A total of 80% of these diseases are genetic and all of them share a difficulty in diagnosis, while in many cases there is no existing effective treatment and the social and familiar impact is elevated.

Those wishing to participate in the race must sign up either online by 13 December, or in person on 14 and 15 December.



-Rare disease entities give support to the UAB Solidarity Run in Cerdanyola

-Research into rare diseases at Parc Taulí give support to the UAB Solidarity Run

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