Registrations open! The UAB visits your school centre or town hall

The UAB looks forward to chatting with students through our online information sessions offered by our university lecturers. Sign your centre up using this form and we will pay you a visit soon!


Are you interested in discovering more about the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and all the services its campus can offer you?

There's no need for you to travel from your school! At the UAB we are happy to visit your centre or town hall online. Our very own university lecturers will be the ones in charge of providing all the necessary information of the UAB's academic programmes and campus services to help you decide what studies are right for you.

These visits will be organised both in town halls and in secondary school and vocational training centres, and will take place during the months of February and May 2021.

These information sessions focus on the UAB's undergraduate degrees, are offered mainly in Catalan, and are available throughout the different Catalan-speaking regions: Catalonia, Balearic Islands, Valencia, Franja de Ponent, Andorra and Northern Catalonia

Our presentations also come with a general overview of all of the academic programmes offered at the UAB. Those interested in receiving more detailed information on any of our bachelor's degrees are recommended to sign up for the Open Days sessions.

Registration can be done by filling out this form. Any questions or doubts can be addressed to:

Hope to see you soon!

Registration now open!

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