Registration for the ECIU University challenges still open

Campanya de primavera dels reptes de l'ECIU University en vermell

During the second semester, students will join multidisciplinary and international teams from the ECIU University and solve many of the challenges posed by business and social partners all over Europe. The objective is to take on local, national and global problems with a challenge-based approach. 


Students can participate in any of the challenges offered by different European universities.

Rgistration for new ECIU University challenges will remain open until 14 February.

The Tempere University in Finland offers two challenges related to access to the job market for students of this Finnish city and its attractiveness to talent and skilled professionals: Talent retention in City of Tampere and Developing students’ working life meta-skills in university-company cooperation

The University of Twente in the Netherlands focuses its seven challenges on issues related to big data, solar energy, ecological and sustainable development, and energetic efficiency: Creating societal business models for new Energy Gardens, Big Data in care, Sustainable substitute for plastic cups for large scale events, Creative solutions for building rainwater management, New value propositions for future proof housing and Developing a both ecological and business wise sustainable mounting frame for solar panels

Of the 35 challenges offered in total for this second semester, the UAB organises four: Transform the free food distribution program guaranteeing alimentary security for vulnerable groups, SuperBlock of Covadonga, Providing affordable, decent and energy-efficient housing to guarantee a basic right and strengthen community life i Seizing the opportunities of the digital economy to create better jobs, foster gender equality and build community wealth.

Why form part of the ECIU University challenges? 

The ECIU University challenges aim to have a real impact on society by contributing to creating more sustainable communities. In this sense, those participating will have a unique experience and develop professional and personal habilities, such as problem-solving and team-working skills, the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary and international team, as well as acquire intercultural skills. 

In order to participate in one of the challenges, all those interested can register with the ECIU University platform and request admission to the programme. They will also need to fulfil the following requirements: be enrolled as a student at one of the 12 member institutions, be in their last year of an undergraduate or in a master's degree, have passed a minimum of 120 ECTS credits, have a level of English equivalent to B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages of the Council of Europe. Experience in entrepreneurial work is a plus.  

More information: ECIU University challenges platform