Walking routes

Walking is the easiest way of moving around the campus.

The internal network of walking routes is made up of spaces where pedestrians can walk safely whether or not they are next to the road network. There is a total of 8.4 hectares of safe walking space on the campus and you can walk from one side of the campus to the other in 20 minutes. The location of the campus also means that some of the walks involve gradients of 20 or 30%.


There are four main categories of walking spaces internally on the campus:

Pedestrian areas: where there is no vehicle access. Exclusively for pedestrians.
Inverse priority areas: pedestrian areas which allow access to service vehicles.
Pedestrian footpaths: internal paths on the campus with no vehicle access. Exclusively for pedestrians they allow access to the building on the campus.
Road network with pavements and crossing places for pedestrians.

You can see all of these routes on the map. Use the Plan your route " resource to locate any point on the campus and find the best way of getting there.

The interior road network on the campus is a 30kmph zone.