Sharing a car is the best way of reducing costs, which are divided among the occupants, and also reducing the number of vehicles on the road, with the corresponding reduction in pollution, consumption, accidents and parking problems.

Car occupation among those who use cars to get to the UAB is just 1.11, which is even lower than the figure for the Barcelona Metropolitan Area. By raising this figure even slightly we would be able to significantly reduce congestion and the number of badly parked cars.

Soon you will be able to use the "how to get to the UAB?" to access a data base of colleagues with whom you can share a car.


Carsharing is a system of private vehicle use in which multiple user have individual use of a car from a float of private vehicles. Carsharing is multi-use of cars means a reduction in costs compared with the use of a private vehicle. The breakdown of the cost of carsharing also raises awareness among users of the real cost of using a private vehicle and leads to more rational use. Carsharing is more economical than owning a private vehicle that is not used frequently.