Guidelines for incoming Erasmus staff mobility

Each year, UAB welcomes a number of academic staff members from other universities to visit and conduct teaching and research stages at UAB. The Erasmus+ staff mobility programme offers excellent opportunities for sharing innovative teaching methods and exchange good practices, also to contributes to academics’ professional development.

If you are interested in visiting Faculty of Education of UAB, you are advised to contact the department you are interested in visiting to see if they are able to host you for the planned period of your stay. Please see here for a list of departments and study programs of the faculty:


Study Programs

In case you don’t have any previous contact in our faculty, do not worry, we will do our best to fit your interests with our faculty expertise.

In any of these cases, please fill the following form, at least 3 months prior your planned visit dates. We will try to make the best arrangements for you in order to provide you with a full academic experience in our institution.

Once your learning objectives have been agreed with the host department, then a letter of invitation can be provided and the relevant forms can be signed by your contact in the host department.

Once your application is received, we will contact you as soon as possible and the submission of the application is not a guarantee of the acceptance of your visit.

Please note the requirement to have an inter-institutional agreement before a teaching Erasmus+ visit can be undertaken. Please check with your Erasmus office if the agreement is active during the planned visit. In case your home institution doesn’t have an active agreement please contact with

Visiting academic staff would be responsible for their own accommodation and would claim Erasmus+ funding from their home institution.